And In The End The Love You Take Is Equal To The Love You Make

Bea is in Coastal Hospice room, 125B. The doctors are saying a couple of days. If anyone wants to visit, please do.   Thanks.

Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime

Just kidding. Well, Bea finally agreed to hospice care which started yesterday. She will be getting a hospital bed and other services and benefits. Mainly someone to make sure she’s … Continue Reading →

Maggot Brain

The doctor told us today that the cancer has spread to Bea’s spine and brain. They’re gonna try some radiation for the brain but the time table we’re looking at … Continue Reading →

One Pill Makes You Larger…..

After only a half an hour wait we saw the doctor. This time we’re going to try a “chemo pill” that he says is less debilitating. One treatment a week … Continue Reading →

The Waiting

The doctor was supposed to call Friday to tell us his new treatment plan. Of course, he didn’t. I wanted to call him and calmly and clearly express my opinion … Continue Reading →


For the first time in I don’t know how long (check the last time I posted something) I have something to report. We sat in that poor excuse for a … Continue Reading →

Pump It Up

After getting through to a human Thursday morning, we went in to the hospital. They decided to keep her overnight because the first drug they were using had weird side … Continue Reading →

I Hate This Hospital

Went in for labs. The only competent person there apparently quit. The doctor asked us if we were starting today or tomorrow. He thought we were coming in yesterday. Does … Continue Reading →

Strange Brew

Good and bad news. The cancer hasn’t spread from the lung but there is a new tumor. So a new round of chemo starts (hopefully) next week with a brand … Continue Reading →

Bea Has Left The Hospital

Wish I could tell you more, but that’s all I know.